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Macromedia Fireworks PNG Templates  
  Professional PNG Graphics to create your own professional website
  PNG templates are the ideal base to web pages in Flash, Swish, or even create HTML format. All templates can be changed with Macromedia Fireworks MX or higher.

The graphics of the Fireworks templates are all in different layers, so a customizing is very simple. Take advantage of the already prefabricated layout and create your own web page with a PNG template. All of the PNG templates are available also as Flash and Swish Templates, therefore an example how easy it is to work with PNG templates.
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What is Macromedia Fireworks??

Rapidly prototype websites, application interfaces, and other interactive designs with Adobe® Fireworks® CS4. Create, edit, and optimize web graphics more accurately and quickly than ever with an enhanced toolset. Demo your designs live on the web for your clients or e-mail them an Adobe PDF file generated from Fireworks. Integrate Live Styles and the improved Common Library for continual leaps in productivity.

Improved performance new

Work faster and smarter with overall performance enhancements, from file opening and saving to symbol updates and intensive bitmap and vector operations.

Adobe PDF file export new

Generate high-fidelity, protected Adobe PDF documents from your Fireworks design comps for enhanced client communication. Help safeguard your designs with optional password protection — separate passwords can be created for viewing and other tasks such as printing, copying, and commenting.

Live Styles enhanced

Customize a Fireworks object or text with professionally designed styles or your own custom collection of styles. Update applied effects, colors, and text attributes for all instances of a style by modifying a single style source.

Styles panel upgrades enhanced

Work more efficiently with the enhanced Styles panel. With the click of an icon, choose between default Fireworks styles, current document styles, or styles from other libraries. Multiple style sets can easily be accessed.

Sophisticated prototyping enhanced

Creatively design interactive layouts for websites and rich Internet applications (RIAs). Export website comps to Adobe® Dreamweaver® software as standards-compliant, CSS-based layouts, and bring RIA prototypes into Adobe Flex® software with professional-quality coding.

Workspace improvements enhanced

Quickly place Smart Guides on your canvas for swift, accurate positioning and measurement of guides and elements — the heads-up display lets you know where you are on the canvas as you drag guides in place. Edit symbols in place for precise symbol refinement in context with the rest of your design.

Optimization and scaling tools enhanced

Optimize graphics for virtually any delivery scenario with preview, cross-platform gamma preview, selective JPEG compression, and a wide range of export controls. Intelligently scale buttons and graphic symbols (in vector or bitmap) with 9-slice scaling. Combine 9-slice scaling with the Auto Shape Library to accelerate website and application prototyping.

Cross-platform support enhanced

Work how you want to work: Fireworks CS4 is available for PowerPC® and Intel® based Macs as well as Microsoft® Windows® XP and Windows Vista® systems.

Customizable and reusable assets enhanced

Jump-start your design process with the Common Library, a repository of graphic symbols, form elements, text symbols, and animations frequently used in web and software applications, interfaces, and websites. Expand your collection with your own custom symbols and styles for continued rapid design.

RIA authoring support new

Prototype layouts for RIAs in Fireworks and then export them directly to Adobe Flex, while retaining absolute positioning, styling, and professional-quality coding.




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