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Flash guestbooks with Swish - Databased Guestbooks  
  Share your experiences with your guests with a guestbook in flash
Swish Gästebücher

Guest books in the Flash format! Our Swish Guestbooks are so designed that they can be easily integrated into any Swish website . Either you can open the Swish guestbook in a popup, or copy it directly into your swi file. Each guest book include video tutorials and a detailed description of the installation.

Each Swish guestbook has an admin area where you can edit posts and delete unwanted messages. Furthermore, the Swish Guestbooks offer an IP lock with changeable time. This prevents that visitors write messages again and again.

To edit the Swish Guestbooks you need Swish MAX. You also need a MySQL database. .

  All Swish Guestbooks for direct your Homepage

Overview of all Swish Guestbooks:

Choose from our wide range of Swish guest books from different themes. All Swish Guestbooks are ready for immediate download!
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  Swish Guestbooks - Adminpanel

Manage easily new posts in your Swish guestbook. Change or delete posts with spelling errors, or unwanted content.

The IP block don´t allowing a visitor for a certain time of writing of a contribution if a contribution has already been created under the relevant IP. This is to protect against spam unloved entries in your guestbook Swish!



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