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SwishMax 4, an innovative tool for creating Flash websites and animations  
  Swish MAX 4, the cheap Flash tool for editing Swish Templates
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SwishMax 4 is your software for entry into the website creation in Flash format! The crucial advantage over Flash is obvious, the price! And if you bus any SwishMAX Product you get the Flash MP3 Player for free!

And also SwishMax 4 provides a much simpler user interface, ready-made components, such as scrollers, checkboxes Preloader for easy installation, more than 230 ready-made effects and more.

SwishMax 4 delivers new features compared to SwishMAX 3! With the new wizard, you can take multiple files together to a project , or use the wizard to create a fast and easy banner. Also new is the Motionpath (object-oriented movements), smoothing of curves, new Auto forms, special Paste options, knife tools, Boolean operations, forms, use of AS2 classes and other components.

Import now Flash files from other programs or SwishMax 4's swf or to other applications! SwishMax 4, the alternative to Flash!

See how easy it is to use SwishMAX 4 and dwonload the 15 Trial Version now.

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All Swish License :

Here you will find the different licensing models of SwishMax. You can upgrade an existing SwishMax 3 version, or opt for the full version of SwishMax 4
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  SwishMAX SwishMAX 4, Flash Authoring With Even More Power!!

Now with support for components, a content library and assets, a new effects browser, in place text editing, video/image/sound effects as well as an improved interface, script editor, drawing tools and internal player. SWiSH Max4 takes Flash authoring to a whole new level!

    What offers SwishMAX 4?    
  With 230 new effects, a Javascript-like scripting language and support for dynamic content and input forms, SWiSHMax has everything you need to create fully interactive Flash animations.

230 Visual Effects - Hundreds of new effects can be applied to text, graphics and images. You can also author and distribute your own effects. Drawing Tools - Create stars, arrows, polygons, cubes, buttons and more with these easy to use tools.
Import/Export Options - You can easily export your SWF movies complete with HTML, AVI movies and Flash Projectors.
Dynamic Content - Load images, text and data from a web-server, and control your SWiSH movie with a server-side script.
Swish Script Language - Advanced scripting environment supports Guided and Expert editing-modes and powerful debugging tools.
User Interface - A simple yet powerful interface means ANYONE can make stunning Flash animations in minutes.
Input Forms - Attach script to input text and post data to a web server to create intelligent input forms.
Guides and Alignment - New Guides and Align panels offer a comprehensive set of alignment options
    Multimedia Effects & Components
Partner Choose from the built-in components or add your own custom built components.
Partner Bundled with over 230 built-in multimedia effects and a simple effects browser.
Partner Effects make animations with video, text, images, graphics and sound simple and quick to produce.
Partner The ability to author and distribute your own effects.
Partner All effects can be added to multiple objects at once.
Partner Supports multiple overlapping soundtracks with multiple sound effects

NewProject templates and wizard - Easy add multiple files to a project


NewComponents tool - easier to place components

Over 230 Built-In Multimedia Effects

SWiSH Max comes bundled with over 230 built-in multimedia effects that make animations with video, text, images and graphics simple and quick to produce. With so many effects the only problem is deciding which one to use!
Drag & Drop Components

Components make adding everything from checkboxes to video player controls to your movies a simple drag and drop process. Select from a powerful set of built-in components or author your own to simplify common tasks.
Partner No coding required! All interactivity can be added through a simple menu interface.
Partner Advanced scripting capabilities through SWiSHscript.
Partner Script editor which allows advanced user to enter scripts directly.
Partner Debugger that simplifies finding and fixing errors in your scripts.
Partner Syntax coloring, custom keywords and support for external script files
Scripting Made Simple

All interactivity in your SWiSH Max movie can be added through a simple menu interface, meaning you have full coding capabilities without having to write a single line of code!
Powerful Script Editor and Debugger

SWiSH Max includes a script editor that has powerful features for both the beginner and advanced SWiSHer. To help you find errors in your SWiSHscript, SWiSH Max4 also includes a powerful debugger.
    Drawing Tools
Partner Advanced set of drawing tools provided including: Line, Pencil, Pen, Text, Ellipse/Circle, Rectangle/Square and AutoShapes.
Partner Keyboard short cuts available for all the drawing tools.
Partner Complex Shape editing options making it easy to modify your shapes.
Partner AutoShapes that make adding and editing complex shapes like 3D cubes a breeze.
Partner Guides, grids, and alignment tools.
Partner Type text directly on the stage and give characters individual attributes.

New Knife tool - cutting the vector graphics


NewMotionpath - moving objects along to another object


Professional Drawing & Editing Tool

SWiSH Max4 comes complete with a set of professional drawing tools provided including: Line, Pencil, Pen, Text, Elipse/Circle, Rectangle/Square and AutoShapes. Complex Shape editing options also make modifications simple.

Guides, Grids and Alignment Tool

Neue Möglichkeiten beim Zeichnen: Linien, Stift, Text, Sternen, Pfeile, Würfel, Polygone. AutoShapes wie 3D Würfel u.v.m.
    User Interface
Partner A simple yet powerful interface means anyone can make stunning Flash animations in minutes.
Partner Objects, frames and effects can all be added, modified or deleted directly from the timeline.
Partner Multiple document support and easily hide/show all panels.
Partner Play all movies within SWiSH Max4 and play your movies at preset internet speeds.
Partner Sharing resources between your Flash movies is a breeze with the content library and assets.
Simple Yet Powerful

A simple yet powerful interface means anyone can make stunning Flash animations in minutes. SWiSH Max brings all the power of Flash without the learning curve.
Easy Content Management

Managing all objects used in your movies is made simple with SWiSH Max3's powerful content management features. Easily share resources between your movies with the content library and assets.
    Import & Export
Partner Import SWF movies produced in any other Flash application.
Partner Simply import videos, sounds, graphics and text files.
Partner SWiSH Max SWF movies can be imported into any other Flash application with ease.
Partner Advanced compression features help keep your SWF file sizes small.
Partner Exported HTML can use a custom template to include Javascript, CSS, PHP and more.
Partner Export straight to an AVI and GIF.

New Special Paste Options - Just copy and paste content from other programs

Import Video, SWFs, Graphics, Sound

Simply import video, SWFS, sound, graphics and text files. SWiSH Max imports most any file type your likely to need including: txt, bmp, dib, gif, jpg, if, jpeg, png, wmf, emf, swf (both compressed and uncompressed), exe (Flash Projector), wav and mp3 files.
Advanced Export Control

You can easily export your SWF movies complete with HTML, AVI movies and Flash Projectors. SWiSH Max's SWF movies can be imported into any other Flash application with ease. SWiSH Max also introduces a number of advanced compression features to help keep your SWF file sizes small.

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