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SwishVideo 3 | Swish Video 3.5, Swishvideo 3, Video Stream with Flash  
  We offer Swish Video 3, that you can easily use to convert your videos into SWF format.

SwishMAX 3 kaufen With SWiSHVideo 3 you get an innovative software to publish your own videos on the Internet. SwishVideo allows formats like Avi,. Mpeg,. Mov,. WMF and many more format . Export your video a few steps into format swf or flv.

SWiSHVideo provides the ability to stream videos. So your video can already shown in various stages of loading. The days are gone where you had to first download the entire video before you are able to see it.

With the newest Version Swish Video 3.5 it provides very innovative features that make SWiSHVideo to an even better tool for video editing. Use relative or absolute paths, and different targets for different objects.

Furthermore, in SWiSHVideo 3.5. you have the opportunity to spend your movies in absolutely top quality as Flash & H264 ACC if you use VideoHQ.
Xpellshop.com, Widerrufsrecht

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SwishVideo 3

Functions of SwishVideo 3:

Video Compression:

  Easily adjust your video's compression level with the quality slider
  Set key frame intervals
  Set whether to use deblocking and smoothing and the frame rate divider

Audio Settings :

  Choose whether to include your video's original audio in your Flash video
  Choose whether to set audio to mono or force a frequency
  Set your audio's exports compression format and bit rate

Add Events:

  Events mark the SWF and FLV, letting you sync other events in your Flash movies
  Easily add, edit or delete any number of Events
  Fine tune the precise time your events will occur during you video.

Add Overlays :

  Add an overlay to brand all your Flash videos with a linked watermark
  Import any GIF or PNG image to use for your overlay
  Select the position in your video for the overlay to appear

Batch Processing:

  Convert multiple video files at once
  Specify common conversion settings

Import Player Controls:

  Create your own custom player controls in any Flash authoring tool
  Detailed instructions on how to import custom controls into SWiSH Video3
  Includes a collection of professionally designed player controls

Import & Output Options

  Import your AVI, QuickTime, MPEG or Windows Media videos into SWiSH Video3
  Trim the video, select the border, background colour and scale
  Export in MX Video, or Flash8 with chroma-key transparency

Add Subtitles:

  Compose your own subtitles or import industry standard files
  Player controls include built in tabs for the user to control the subtitle display


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